Friday, May 19, 2006

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A humidor is any kind of box or room with constant humidity (and often, temperature as well), used to store cigars. For private use, small wooden or acrylic glass humidor boxes for a few dozen cigars are appropriate, while cigar shops often have walk-in humidors, sometimes covering a whole floor. Humidors of all sizes use hygrometers to keep track of the humidity levels.

The ideal humidity in a humidor is around 65-70%, with the box filled close to the rim. The more empty space, the more readily the humidity will drop.
Humidors are made of Spanish-cedar wood, or plastic. Spanish-cedar is suitable for aging cigars for three reasons.
It holds more moisture than most woods, so it helps maintain humidity.
The aroma imparts itself to the cigars if they are retained in it for long enough. That is also why some cigars are wrapped in Spanish-cedar sheets when you buy them. Tobacco blenders use this to give cigars an extra dimension in flavor.
Spanish-cedar wood sometimes repels tobacco beetles, although there have been instances where the beetles have eaten through the wood. These pinhead-sized beetles can ruin entire stocks of cigars. They eat the tobacco and lay eggs, causing further infestation. These beetles can also be discouraged by ensuring the humidor does not get hotter than 20°C. The beetle eggs usually only hatch at around 25 °C, although there are also instances where they will hatch at cooler temperatures if the humidity is too high.
Each humidor has to be seasoned after being bought or having been dry for a while. Take a moist cloth and wipe down the interior to remove any dust. Then place a shot glass or a container of similar size in the humidor and fill it with distilled water. Keep the humidor closed overnight. If the water is gone or mostly gone, then repeat for another 24 hours. When the humidor is not absorbing any more humidity, the cigars can be placed in it. The humidifying element or "sponge" keeps the wood moist, which in turn keeps the cigars moist.

- Little Bro

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Ghurka Regent

This is one great smoke. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good stogie for that special occasion.

Gurkha is responsible for some of the top brands rolled today. In conjunction with the famous Torano Family, Gurkha uses only the best tobacco grown to make super premium cigars. Their cigars have been commissioned by royalty and are smoked by aficionados who only enjoy the very finest cigars.
The Gurkha Regent is one of the most popular Gurkha lines. After 5 years of intensive blending, Kaizad Hansotia, Gurkha President, finally settled on a mixture of tobaccos that was worthy of the Gurkha name. The regent begins with an attractive silky brown wrapper that encases premium long filler tobaccos from Honduras. The medium bodied and full flavored smoke make for the perfect smoking experience. The balance between leather and wood aromas brings a deliberate taste to the palate with a nice solid finish. This line is limited, don’t miss your chance to smoke what many consider to be the finest cigar made by Gurkha.

- Little Bro

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Macanudo Maduro

With the unprecedented success of the Macanudo Café line, came the introduction of the Macanudo Maduro. Like the classic natural wrapper line, the Maduro offers a very smooth and mild flavor with the addition of a sweet Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This combination gives the Maduro version a bit more flavor and complexity then its Café counterpart.
Produced today in the Dominican Republic and sold as a brand in the portfolio of General Cigar, Macanudo is the best selling cigar in America and is one of the most recognizable names in cigars. Often times, cigar aficionados compare Macanudo cigars with baseball, as both are considered a great American passion and past time. The Macanudo maduro is mild to medium bodied, featuring a damp flavor with caramel undertones and a very short finish.

- Little Bro

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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CAO is the maker of some of the highest rated brands in the world. Previously best known for making premium pipes, the Nashville based company broke into the cigar industry with authority. The attention they have attracted has not just been from their first rate tobacco either, their concepts and cigar packaging and trendy, appealing to the new generation of cigar smokers.
For years CAO dreamt of a cigar that uses premium Brazilian tobacco, but finding good Brazilian leaf at the end of the cigar boom was not an easy task. At the time Brazilian tobacco was not at the top of its game. However, CAO stumbled on a beautiful dark wrapper leaf from the coveted Bahia region and the rest is history. After its launch this cigar brought attention back to Brazilian tobacco and essentially was the rebirth of Brazilian cigars in the US cigar market, as other cigar makers flocked to South America in attempt to recreate CAO’s success. The rich Brazilian wrapper gives the CAO Brazilia a full bodied and full flavored aroma that carries a long and spicy finish. It is a truly unforgettable cigar, and a powerhouse addition to the humidor.

- Little Bro

Monday, May 15, 2006

Premium cigars, Fine cigars, Montecristo, Cohiba, CAO, Punch, Buy cigars, Girl, Cigar, Cigar girl, Cigar babe, Big mikes, Cigars, Girl with cigar, Babe with cigar, Hottie with cigar

Drew Estate's Industrial Press Cigars

Industrial Press cigars are attractive handmades from Drew Estate. Industrial Press is a traditional beauty made in Esteli, Nicaragua with outstanding Sun-Grown wrappers from Ecuador together with Connecticut binders, and all-Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos. The result is a fantastically rich smoke layered with flavors, including chocolate and coffee undertones that are smooth from start to finish. Enjoy a complex handmade that burns slow, emitting clouds of thick, gray smoke.

Industrial Press lineup:
Industrial Press Drew Supreme (5"x42)
Industrial Press Brickk (5"x54)
Industrial Press 5 Point Figurado (6"x57)
Industrial Press Mass (6"x58)

- Little Bro