Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Many different things affect the scent of cigar smoke: quality of the cigar, added flavors, tobacco type, cigar age, cigar humidity, production method (handmade vs. machine-made) and more. Non-smokers subjected to second-hand cigar smoke have many different opinions about the scent of cigar smoke. Some enjoy the cigar smoke, noticing the difference between cigar smoke and the more common scent of cigarette smoke. However, other non-smokers do not appreciate or enjoy the scent of cigar smoke. The most ardent enjoyers of cigar smoking will sometimes keep personal journals of cigars they have enjoyed, complete with personal ratings, description of flavors observed, sizes, brands, etc. The qualities and characteristics of cigar tasting are very similar to those of wine, Scotch, beer, cognacs and tequila. Within a given specification, there are endless varieties. This dynamic is part of the appeal to which cigar smokers are continually drawn.